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Benefits are distinctive, measurable, continuous, and holistic

expansion in thinking, increased focus and clarity, heightened awareness, breaking old patterns and replacing with new possibilities, unprecedented achievements, new ways of accomplishing, tapping unused capabilities, mastery of intent, experiencing peace of mind, renewed joy, invigorated relationships, enthusiasm, passion, purpose.

Message from Dianne Collins and Alan K. Collins

In the more than 10 years that we have presented QuantumThink 21 individuals and businesses from varied cultures, ages, and walks of life have participated and benefited, accomplishing results unique to their intentions and desires. People have improved everything from their sales to their company’s stature to their relationship to their golf game.

We invite you to take a few minutes to read in their own words what QuantumThinkers have accomplished personally and professionally.

Business Unit Leaped from "Bottom" to Top

"We took a business unit that had missed their number for four years in a row and turned it around to one of the top performing business units in the area, consistently for the last four years, either coming in number one or number two, four years in a row. And since our quota is based on growth from the previous year, QuantumThink unleashed the growth of our marketplace, significantly."

Joanne Taylor, Regional Director of Marketing
IBM Sales and Marketing Division, Palm Beach Florida

Extreme Team Performance Extends Beyond the Team

"The QuantumThink 21 program freed us from a number of historical and personal hang-ups and allowed everyone to live by our values and pursue our vision without hesitation. That freedom and connection in turn allowed us to create some incredible results in just a few weeks. Those results, when told to the larger and complete team, produced a brand new burst of energy and enthusiasm, reinforcing and accelerating our progress in every dimension of our plan.

I think it has enormous potential for agencies where the leader has created a team that needs to take on the challenge of major change and is unsure of how to proceed, both with themselves and with the larger organization. There is no question in my mind that there are lots of opportunities out there right now that could benefit from this approach and thereby deliver better performance."

Morley Winograd
Former Senior Policy Advisor to USA Vice President, Al Gore
Director, National Partnership for Reinventing Government


Many people are familiar with quantum principles such as "the observer effect" and "holographic and holistic" yet when they have the distinctions that enable them to QuantumThink, they actually begin living the wisdom.

"Balancing" Home and Business Life

"My perception of the world as holographic is a distinction I will carry with me for the rest of my life. At a time in my life where I was feeling particularly under pressure to be a wife, mother and businessperson all at once, it gives me a refreshed perspective to know that each area in my life is actually part of the others. My husband noticed that I am calmer and more centered. He said that I am still accomplishing as much as before if not more, yet I have lost much of the stress and frantic behavior."

Tracy Anderson
Mother and Business Owner, The Wine Store

Power of Intent in Action

"I am having fun now choosing a distinction each day. I find that I am much clearer about my "intent" going into each meeting, instead of waiting to see what happens and allowing the other parties to control the meeting. I am looking forward to participating in future programs."_

Janice Hamilton
Actress and Auctioneer for Charitable Causes

"I created my intent! I have two fabulous offers from two large pharmaceutical companies for permanent positions with exceptional benefits to work in their drug safety department."

Susan Brown-Goebeler
Registered Nurse

Living with Ease, Living from Purpose

"Over the past 20 years, I have participated in and led hundreds of courses dealing with personal growth, spirituality, and transformation. QuantumThink 21 was one of the best courses I’ve ever done. I got two major results. One was to be known for the distinction that I bring to my work: that I am a writer/editor able to grasp the essence of my clients’ visions and dreams and make it real in written form. The second major result was that I let go of struggle in my life. I still have circumstances to deal with, but I have never dealt with things as effortlessly as since the course."

Deborah Gouge
Editor-Writer-Translator of Visions

"I get people coming to me who are going to shape policy for the world. I feel part of my purpose in talking to senators, state representatives, elected officials, policy-makers, and community leaders is for a piece of me to be left with them, to be able to share with them what I learned from QuantumThink. If a piece of me goes with them every time I talk to somebody, and that gets transferred around the world, my hope is that we will all be better for it."

Rick Rodriguez Pi,a
Governmental Consultant

Awareness and Self Mastery

"I learned to shift my anger. And I really did it. I was so angry with somebody and I said, "Why am I doing this? Let me just shift." It left me completely and within two minutes I forgot that I was angry."

Christine Gold
Co-owner, The Changing Room Salon Group

"QuantumThink helped me change my life and start living soberly."

Carol Andrus
Writer of Business Publications

Expanded Thinking Creates Quantum Learning

"I fine tuned skills such as listening and goal planning. One of my biggest accomplishments was the realization that I can create anything. I created a new system of learning for myself which allows me to remember pieces of information with greater accuracy, and I am able to learn within a much shorter period of time. I learned 14 weeks of information in 4 or so weeks, amazing! I saved myself 70 hours of class time and driving and a substantial amount of money."

Rich Ehrmann
Marketing Executive and Musician

Experiencing Happiness in Any Circumstance

"I came out of this program much more in touch with the person I used to be in happier times. Even though the day still brings the usual demands and less than pleasurable moments, I still feel grounded in a much better frame of mind, more in control of my day and myself. My goal was to feel happier, freer, more content and I definitely do for no reason I can identify outside the program. I measured it through positive responses each day from others and myself and how non-stressed I felt. It was a big improvement. I feel 100% satisfied with the results."

Susan Buck
Office of the Secretary of Defense, USA Department of Defense

Focus and Peace of Mind in Critical Circumstances

September 11, 2001
"As you can probably guess, my plans have changed dramatically. We are implementing emergency procedures. I am very grateful that I have this QuantumThink connection during this challenging time in our history and in my career as a civil servant. QuantumThink gives me strength. Not only have I – but the United States, and the whole world – received a wake-up call today and I realize how precious life is, how fleeting it can be, and and how important it is to be conscious, to be able and consciously willing to choose, to be ever alert."

Barbara Garvin Kester
Executive Director, Federal Executive Institute

"During 2005 there were a record 27 named storms, of which 15 were hurricanes and included Katrina and Wilma. Our organization’s intent was to quickly restore communication for and amongst families, friends, and colleagues.

"QT Business Dialogues provided the common language and understanding for allowing us to shift our perspective and performance. While these destructive storms created uncertainty and unpredictability, our team focused on our intent. We had clear purpose along with the freedom to make decisions. We were compassionate and effective in achieving our intent in the midst of chaos and devastation."

Rachel Russell
BellSouth Operations

"The Shoemaker Does Have Shoes" : Innovation Firm Generates 100+ New Ideas

_"We designed the first course in response to employee feedback that they wanted to get more of their ideas heard and sponsored by management. Thus our team goal was to generate over 100 ideas and implement 25 of them during the QuantumThink program.
An on-line measurement and communication system was introduced for people to record the ideas and share the accomplishments. _

The result was the team generated 250 ideas and implemented 50 in the three weeks of QuantumThink 21. The ideas ranged from the mundane to incredible value-add to our firm and to our clients. We met our objectives and more amazing, we are continuing on our own to generate and implement ideas. The course established such a positive reputation tha folks took the second course on their own time, no impact on chargeability. It was amazing to feel our diverse community come together in such a short time frame."

Enduring Quantum Results, Business and Personal

Statement from Accenture Associate Partner, 6 months after QuantumThink 21 program completion

"Each day I experience in new and deepening ways the benefits of Quantum Think. It really is a wonderful phenomenon of growing resonance in seemingly indirect proportion to the length of linear time since I actively participated in QT 21 and our project. I feel myself being ever more conscious and able to "catch" myself; I find it easy to shift every experience, including upsets, into possibility, I really can generate positive energy for myself and others. I am experiencing co-workers as manifestations of diverse gifts. In all, I am slowing down, doing less, and gaining more. Purpose, relationships and connections have a lot to do with this. Life in all its aspects is truly enjoyable.

In business results, the sales team is being nominated for the OPM Director’s Award because we achieved the result we set in our project. Sales are up 15%. We have implemented a new data system on time in spite of continuous glitches in circumstances. And in July, our 3 National Sales Reps independently performed the task that is central to the success of our new approach: confirming revenue for services delivered."

Ann Ludwig
Deputy Associate Director (Retired)
Office of Personnel Management

Kudos for QuantumThink

"Quantum Think is a revolutionary process that has supported me in the transformation of my life. Thank you, Dianne and Alan, for the contribution you’re making."

Debbie Ford, Bestselling author, The Dark Side of the Light Chasers, The Right Questions

"The world needs to know about this work you have created."

Johnny Reagan
Founder, Vision Miami

"Alan and Dianne, you continue to amaze me. Your up-close and personal level of communication is truly one hard to find."

Kamran Grasselli

"I am in such a state of gratitude to both of you for living your purpose, for without you I may have missed knowing my kids and missed the absolute beauty of my life. Even in the chaos of my day today, my garden has never looked more beautiful or more clear. You are both examples of how important it is to "know" it and live it. I feel so fortunate to be given a powerful key, now it is my job to never throw it away."

Vivian Saffer
Toronto, Canada

"First, thank you and congratulations….thank you for providing me with the opportunity to clarify and own my central purpose in life. Congratulations for creating QT21. How many people can say they’ve shaped a programme that enables people to achieve what I have achieved???? You have a precious gift to share – continue to share it!"

Richard Jamonts
Insight Performance Consulting

"I have spent part of this beautiful Saturday day reflecting on QuantumThink 21…and I am so looking forward to the continuing journey over the next week and beyond. I am in awe of your creation and very much want to acknowledge the ease and simplicity of the program. I am noticing that others around me are "getting it" almost by osmosis. I watch people "brighten up" as I share some of my discoveries with various QuantumThink distinctions."

Roma Gaster
KARIBU Education International
Sydney, Australia

"Thank you again for another amazing experience! You two are truly an awesome team. It’s been such an incredible journey."

Mark D. Hyde

"The good news is I am getting sooooooooo much insight from the audio program. "Being in the Right Question" has influenced my thinking in a BIG way. I listen to this portion over and over. Thank you for voicing QuantumThink. (much better than the stuff on the radio. :^)"

Yvonne Schielke

"I rarely write an email close to the midnight hour (especially on a weekend night!) but I sense if I do not express this to you, the quantum field might keep me up, with too much appreciation for my bodies to bear. My body, heart and soul are overflowing with gratitude for the incredible GIFTS OF AWARENESS AND AWAKENING that you and QT are gracing me with each moment."

Carista Luminare-Rosen