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Program Overview

QuantumThink 21

A Quantum Leap in the Way You Think

QuantumThink® a new system of thinking for mastering effectiveness in a changing world

  • accurate, updated thinking
  • 21 precise distinctions
  • practical living wisdom
  • focused in the power of intent
  • scientific genius, ageless knowledge
  • integrates instantly
  • benefits your relationship with people, time, accomplishments, and self

QuantumThink 21 is a unique teleconference program for accomplishing real-time quantum results as you learn to QuantumThink.

What are "quantum" results?

Accomplishments that occur in new ways outside of ordinary logic and beyond the limits of time.

QuantumThink 21 is a group teleconference program that presents the QuantumThink system of thinking quickly, easily,
and enduringly while participants accomplish a self-created business or personal result a specific, measurable "intended quantum result."

Convenient Format An Hour a Day

QuantumThink 21 has a convenient format. Every day you call into a telephone conferencing bridge. The calls take place at the same time daily for one hour and fifteen minutes. You can dial in from any place in the world you happen to be.

What Happens on the Daily Calls

Each call has a specific structure. Every day you will hear one QuantumThink distinction which takes approximately 20-30 minutes. You are given a Recreation each day a practice for the mind and awareness that enables you to re-create the new thinking in your life that very day. The following day the group engages with the program leaders in lively dialogues sharing and distinguishing what occurred for people when the QuantumThink Distinction was present in their awareness.

Design Your Participation Using the QT 21 Workbook

Prior to the start of the daily calls you use the online QuantumThink 21 workbook pages that guide you to design your individual program structure. You’ll create an intended quantum result you want to accomplish by the end of the program. You will also set up a measure so you can track your progress and experience winning every day.

Introduction and Creation Coaching Calls

Three scheduled Introduction and Creation Coaching group calls assist you in enhancing your workbook creations and ensure your success.

Program Leaders

Alan Collins, master QuantumThink coach, and Dianne Collins, creator and author of QuantumThink lead the conversations. Alan and Dianne coach people in becoming more aware of QuantumThink distinctions as they speak. This present-moment "distinguishing" of the new thinking provides a powerful access to the benefits of QuantumThink now and into the future. The heightened awareness, unprecedented for most people, engenders unexpected results that are often amazing and always profound.

Key Point:
Because you are thinking from a different system you accomplish something you would not ordinarily be able to do in this 3-week time frame or perhaps not at all. The project or result gets accomplished in ways that you could not have imagined.